3D experience set to make huge splash

The Stars of Woburn Safari
The Stars of Woburn Safari

IT isn’t only the ellie’s who have fabulous new facilities at Woburn – last week the Safari Park allowed visitors their first look at the newly refurbished sea lion house, Sea Lion Cove.

Always a popular attraction at the park, the revamp has taken things to a whole new level seal side, with the installation of a 3D Safari Cinema Experience.

Daily, the cove cinema hosts three sea lion shows, along with screenings of Safari Park 3D, a behind-the-scenes look at Woburn, which was filmed on location for the Discovery Channel.

For a small additional fee of £2, you’ll can take a seat in the 320 capacity hub and be taken right into the lion house with a pride of African big cats.

That could very well be considered the ‘mane’ attraction...were it not for the four sea lions!

3D movie Deepo offers fun musical entertainment while also explaining about life under the sea.

This really is top of the range technology at its very best and the cinema will be an essential, dazzling part of your day at Woburn, with graphics so sharp that you will want to reach out and grab them...just beware of those lion gnashers!