4cm tattoo of a butterfly causes workplace flutter

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A high-flying career woman who lost her job because of a butterfly tattoo on her FOOT is contemplating taking a legal stand.

Consultant Jo Perkins was this week forced to leave Salisbury FM, the multi-million pound CMK company whose sole client is Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

The reason was that the 4cm butterfly and scroll 
design on Jo’s foot was visible when she wore a dress.

“I have been a procurement consultant for years and I’ve worked for many high 
level companies in my time - but I have never heard 
anything as ridiculous as this,” said the 38-year-old.

She is consulting a solicitor, on behalf of all professionals with tattoos, to see if the Salisbury’s action constitutes discrimination under inclusion and diversity laws.

Meanwhile chief 
executive Ed Swales is sticking to his guns in his bid to stamp out visible tattoos.

He said: “Salisbury’s 
company policy is that tattoos should not be visible whilst at work. The policy is simply one of covering tattoos and not a ban on tattoos.

“The policy is in place to ensure our employees and contractors project the professional image we want our customers to see in Salisbury.”

Mr Swales said Jo Perkins “made no effort” to comply with the policy.

Jo, recruited on a contract through an agency, did not deal with members of the public and was praised for her “outstanding” work during her five months at Salisbury.

She said she sought advice from the company when the No Tattoo rule was enforced several weeks ago.

“The only way to cover it would be to wear a sock. I’m a businesswoman and I wear smart dresses to work, so that would look stupid.

“I suggested covering it with a sticking plaster but thought that would look 
unprofessional and draw 
attention to it.”

She walked into the company on Monday only to be told by red-faced managers that Mr Swales had ordered she be escorted off the premises.

She was later told her 
contract has been terminated.

Mr Swales said: “We have high expectations of our