£5.3million owed in unpaid council tax in Milton Keynes


£5.3million is owed in unpaid council tax by people living in Milton Keynes, it has been revealed.

It is now the fastest growing type of ‘problem debt’, according to National Debtline, the free advice service run by the Money Advice Trust.

But despite this just 385 people from the area contacted National Debtline last year.

It has prompted the charity to warn those struggling to keep up with their council tax payments to seek free advice after revealing 24 percent of all callers now in arrears, up from 14 percent in 2007.

Joanna Elson OBE, chief executive of the Money Advice Trust, the charity that runs National Debtline, said: “We are seeing more and more people seek help with Council Tax arrears – but the fact that Milton Keynes residents owe £5.3 million makes us concerned that many more people in the area are struggling alone. Free debt advice services such as National Debtline are here to help.

“We would like to see local authorities do everything they can to help residents who are falling behind to seek the free advice that can turn their lives around. We know that that the earlier a problem is caught, the better the outcome.

“I would urge anyone in Milton Keynes who is struggling to make their Council Tax payments to contact National Debtline as soon as possible.

“Our expert advisers are on hand to work through your situation and help you get back on track with your finances.”

National Debtline offers free, independent and confidential advice 24 hours a day online at www.nationaldebtline.org and on 0808 808 4000, Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm, Saturday 9.30am to 1pm.