80-year-old is vigilante for safer driving

Syd Seymour and Alan Featherstone, filming speeding motorists in Milton Keynes
Syd Seymour and Alan Featherstone, filming speeding motorists in Milton Keynes

AN 80-year-old launched his new career this week – as a vigilante.

Public-spirited octogenarian Syd Seymour will cruise city streets in his car filming any driver who breaks the law.

He will then hand over the film to police as evidence to convict the culprit.

Syd’s mission began when he heard of PoliceWitness.com, a road crime reporting scheme launched by former assistant chief constable Alan Featherstone.

The service encourages people to use special in-car cameras to provide high quality video evidence of everything from road rage to drivers who talk on mobile phones.

Syd, who already works as a steward at the MK Dons stadium, immediately volunteered his services.

He also came up with an idea of his own for catching speeding motorists – using the council-run speed awareness displays in his home town of Bletchley.

The warning signs are designed to flash a smiley face when the motorist is sticking to the limit and a sad face when he or she is going too fast.

Importantly, they also flash up the exact speed of the car as it passes – and this was the basis of Syd’s brainwave.

“Syd came up with the idea of filming the car just as the sign is displaying its speed,” said PoliceWitness.com spokesman Matt Stockdale.

This, submitted to police, would form perfect evidence for a prosecution, he said.

Aptly, the speed indicator displays are known as SIDs.

“We now refer to them as Syd’s SIDs. It’s perfect,” said Matt.

Syd made his maiden voyage with Mr Featherstone on Wednesday.

Any member of the public can become part of the PoliceWitness.com team, which hopes soon to use its camera techniques to tackle the problem of anti social behaviour throughout Milton Keynes.

The cameras can be fitted in any car on any surface.

For more details log on to www.policewitness.com