A chilly reception at Frosts...

Ice Skating
Ice Skating

IF you think that Frosts is all about turf, pansies and secateurs then you are missing the point of this most fabulous of garden centres, located in Woburn Sands.

This Saturday the centre is opening a beautiful ice-skating rink of its own to slide you into guaranteed winter fun.

The rink will be set within the outdoor plant department and is open all day, every day through to Monday, January 2.

If you don’t want to skate, but aren’t averse to watching others showing off their skills, or lack of, on the ice, you can make use of the viewing area.

Festive food will be available, treat stalls are guaranteed to tempt you and parking is free.

Talk about getting more from your local plant store!

It costs £5.99 for kids to skate, adults pay £8.49 and the sessions run on the hour.

Sounds like an ‘ice ‘way to enjoy your day!

For more information visit www.frostsgardencentres.co.uk