A Christmas meal for everynoe, thanks to FeedMK


An organisation which offers Christmas cheer to everyone in Milton Keynes is holding its fifth Christmas dinner next month.

FeedMK began in 2010 when local businessman John Daly first had the idea of volunteering at a soup kitchen or similar charity event to mark December 25.

But instead the idea has snowballed into an annual get-together for the homeless, single parents and low-income families, offering them a free four course meal and Christmas present.

Mr Daly said: “There are a few of us who are in quite fortunate positions in our lives and just want to give something back.

“In the first year we had 80 people, and by 2013 we had nearly 500 people apply to come. We’re expecting more than 500 people to come this year.”

The planning for each year begins several months before Christmas, while on the day of the meal there are between 50-60 volunteers serving food or working behind the scenes.

As well as the festival dinner FeedMK now also runs an Easter event, and the team are looking at adding a third event to the calendar.

This year’s Christmas meal will take place on Saturday, December 20, at Atlantic House, Michigan Drive, Tongwell. Six different settings will take place, with the earliest at midday and the latest starting at 6.15pm.

Anyone wanting to take part, as a diner or a volunteer, needs to book a place early. Call 01908 617496 or email info@feedmk.co.uk