A councillor’s old tree sparks an SOS protest

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A town councillor’s unwanted tree has branched out to become a real problem in a Wolverton street.

Councillor Stephen Bryant

wants to chop the 60-year-old sycamore down to make room for more parking in a house he rents out.

But furious neighbours have launched an SOS Save Our Sycamore campaign, saying the tree has “huge amenity value” and is a haven for wildlife.

Both Milton Keynes Council and the town council have granted permission for the felling. But residents are now demanding this be rescinded on the basis that there was no public consultation.

“We love this tree. When it’s in full bloom it is a magnificent specimen ,” said protester Linda Hall.

The sycamore stands on the driveway of a Radcliffe Street house, which is let out to three different tenants.

“Sadly I suspect this is a case of development coming before conservation,” said Linda, who has offered to pay towards the tree’s maintenance.

Mr Bryant curtly refused to talk to the Citizen.