A delicious fundraiser for Islamic Relief by Milton Keynes

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Volunteers are delivering delicious chocolate fudge cakes to doorsteps across Milton Keynes to raise money for Islamic Relief’s Syria Appeal.

119 cakes have so far been sold raising £595, with one-and-a-half weeks of Ramadan to go.

Milton Keynes volunteer Shoajar Rahman Syed said: “It’s important during Ramadan to keep active and continue as normal, so driving around delivering is a positive action.

“All the volunteers have a passion to help people in Syria. The teamwork is amazing, even though we don’t know the actual people the cakes are helping.

“We’re all so grateful to have our families safe and enough clothes and food. Here’s hoping the cakes bring relief and Cakes4Syria is bigger and better this year.”

The Ramadan fundraising scheme was launched in Bradford last year and has gone national this year in response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria.

Cakes4Syria has already so far delivered over 10,000 cakes around the country, raising over £50,000 for Syria.