A&E campaign: Hospital staff are battling tiredness

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A scrutiny report into Milton Keynes hospital has further strengthened this newspaper’s case for a new A&E department to be built.

The overstretched hospital, which has outgrown the city’s burgeoning population, was the subject of a visit by the Care Quality Commission in March.

The resulting report was published this week and reveals how the hospital is so busy it sometimes does not have time to give staff the support they need.

Managers described how the surge of patients coming through A&E during the cold weather caused staff to be “on their knees with exhaustion.”

The report states: ‘Most of the staff we spoke with mentioned that the accident and emergency department was so busy that it detrimentally affected the flow of patients into wards.’

The hospital is organising improvements, but there is only one long-term solution – a brand new, bigger, and better A&E department.

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