A great weight off his mind

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A former male stripper shed more than his clothes when he decided to raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

Peter Mogridge, known as Adonis in his distant steamy past, lost three stone of wobbly fat in just three months.

“I’d gone up to 18 stone. I was far too fat and there was no excuse,” said the 47-year-old, who is now a highly respected martial arts master and runs the city’s Urban Wing Chun classes.

In January Peter heard about the Henry Allen Trust, which raises money for seriously ill children and their families.

He vowed immediately to shed three stone and get fit enough to run a half marathon – by March.

“I joined Muscle Power gym in Bletchley and their personal trainer Cy Gregory volunteered his help for free for a good cause,” he said.

But the man whose muscles once made women swoon found it heavy going at first.

“In the beginning I struggled to complete a half an hour session at the gym, let alone a half marathon. It wasn’t good for someone who used to have the perfect male stripper’s physique!”

Cy admits even he was dubious Pete would reach his goal in such a short time. But his strict regime of exercise and a strict protein-based diet paid off and last month Peter romped home at the Silverstone half marathon.

His efforts have raised almost £800 for the Henry Allen Trust.