A history book with a bit of a bang

Fenny Poppers
Fenny Poppers

ONE of Fenny Stratford’s lonest running traditions has been featured in a new book.

‘Yesterday’s Country Customs’ by Henry Buckton is a book uncovering some of England’s oldest traditions and celebrations, and features the firing of the Fenny Poppers.

The six ‘Poppers’ are let off on St Martin’s Day every year, usually coinciding with Remembrance Day on November 11. Although there is no record of the first firing, the tradition is believed to date back to the 1730s.

Mr Buckton has researched the history of the Poppers in his book, as well as many other traditions up and down the country. It can be purchased through any high street book shop or direct from the publisher by visiting their website www.thehistorypress.co.uk