A levels: University awaits for hard-working Denbigh students

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THERE were plenty of smiles at Denbigh School on Thursday as students celebrated their A-level exam results.

Almost three quarters of the results achieved were at the higher grades A*-C and the overall pass rate was 98 per cent.

There were stunning individual performances with some students achieving all A* and A grades and scoring full marks on their examination papers.

The vast majority of students will be taking up their university offers, including medicine, and will be studying at a range of institutions including Oxford and Cambridge.

Head teacher Sarah Parker said she was so proud of her students as they went off into the next stages of their lives.

“We are celebrating some fantastic results from this year’s students and they’ve nearly all got places at their first choice university.

“We are so proud of them. They put in so much hard work, and they’re given such a lot of support from their family and teachers. Some of the students have been here since Year 7, so we’ve seen them grow up and now they’re moving on.”

On student who is certainly moving on is James Simmonds, who got three A* A-levels and two As. He is heading off to Cambridge to study French and German.

“I have no idea what I want to do afterwards,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to study languages – it’ll be a pretty foreign experience!”

Abi Preen was delighted with her three A grades in biology, chemistry and maths, which has seen her accepted into Birmingham University to do medicine.

She said: “My mum was really happy – she gave me a toy stethoscope! I’m really pleased with my results, and I cannot wait to go to uni. It’s a subject I’ve been interested in all my life.”

Chloe Varty barely had time to celebrate her A*s in maths and biology and her A in media as she got an early call to go into work this afternoon. But soon enough, she’ll be packing up and moving to York where she’s studying Accounting, Business, Finance and Management.

She said: “I’m not really sure what I want to do in terms of a career, so I went to the careers officers and said that I enjoyed maths, and we found this course.

“I’ve put in a lot of hard work to get these grades, and I revised a lot too. It’s a relief to have it all pay off.

“But I can’t really celebrate until later because I have to go in to work this afternoon!”

Adam Kashani was looking forward to a night out after spending most of the last four months in the library revising. He was delighted with two A*s in psychology and English, and two As in physics and biology, which secured him a place at St John’s College in Oxford to study Experimental Psychology.

He said: “I’ve spend my life in the library since about February so I’m looking forward to going out to celebrate tonight! But as soon as my reading list is sent over, I’ll probably be in there again making sure I’m prepared!”

Nikhil Mistry celebrated four A*s in maths, economics, chemistry and biology and was keen to move down to London to study maths and economics at LSE, with his sights set on a career in banking.

“I can’t wait to get there. It’s the best university for the course I want to do, and it’s in London – what more could you want! I had to miss out of a lot of my social life, days out with my friends to revise and get the grades.”