A little Stables ‘Chordination’

Patsy Matheson and Becky Mills - Stables gig
Patsy Matheson and Becky Mills - Stables gig

WE’LL kickstart this week’s look at The Stables by telling you what shows you can’t go to – and this evening’s date by Kenny Ball has sold out, as has tomorrow’s by UFO.

Instead of wasting precious column inches talking about those gigs, we’ll move on to those that you can still make a connection with, beginning with the two strumming lasses, above.

They are Patsy Matheson and Becky Mills, who will be at the Wavendon haunt tomorrow night, plying their wares on stage 2 at the slightly later time of 8.45pm.

They have joined musical force to deliver the best in traditional and contemporary folk, acoustic blues, jazz and rock with the added benefit of intricate vocal harmonies and a smattering of humour to boot.

Talk about getting lots for your money!

Six hundred thousand people might have seen Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight Festival, but there are a mere 400 seats available to watch the Tribute Mob Are You Experienced? on their return to town this Saturday evening.

Shake off that Purple Haze and get to booking seats quickly, or else resign yourselves to delving into the retro vinyl this weekend.

Mitch Benn, from Radio 4s Now Show, is out on the road with his band The Distractions and they call in at the haunt on Sunday night with the show Ode Warrior.

Tickets to catch the musical satirist are £12.50. A snip.

Maddy Prior will be joined by Giles Lewin and Hannah James on Tuesday night for another varied evening of collaboration.

An accordion and clog dancing will figure – and that’s just Hannah’s input.

Randolph Matthews & Byron Johnston bring a fusion of Spanish acoustic guitar and African soul out to play over on Stage 2.

An album is in the racks too. Probe The Shadow of Leaves...

Stephen Triffitt Is Frank Sinatra on Wednesday evening, but if ‘ole blues eyes doesn’t do it for you, blues guitarist Ben Poole just might.

His debut album isn’t even in the bag yet, but Total Guitar Magazine have already labelled him as one to watch.

Last seen here at the Summer Fayre in Campbell Park, this gig will be a tad more intimate, on Stage 2.

Call MK 280800 to book.