A new social scene for the disabled in Milton Keynes

Lauren Gladding, Nathan Edwards and Jorden Morris
Lauren Gladding, Nathan Edwards and Jorden Morris
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A young man with cerebral palsy and restricted sight has created a new social group for disabled people to make new friends and find love.

Nathan Edwards, 24, is working with the community interest company Pandora to create a new social club Dates ’n’ Cakes, which will meet for the first time on Saturday, November 1.

Every month people aged 18-50 who have disabilities, learning difficulties or other complications, can meet up in a relaxed atmosphere to socialise, listen and dance to music, watch television or play games.

Nathan said: “It makes me feel great that we have come so far so quickly, thanks to the Citizen.

“I never thought anything would come of my idea, but I am already on the second step of my journey.

“Eventually I would like to meet someone nice I could be with, but this is not just about helping myself but helping other people who are like me too.”

Nathan appeared in the Citizen last month, and talked about the difficulties that disabled people have finding love.

And after reading about his story the team at Pandora stepped in to help Nathan’s vision become reality.

Amanda Carter-Philpott said: “This is all Nathan’s idea, we’re just helping to make it happen.

“It will be a social club where everyone can relax in a safe environment. We’re really excited about the club, and about seeing Nathan’s idea come true.”

The first event will take place on November 1 from 7-9pm, at Pandora’s office in Station Square. It is open to anyone with disabilities, learning difficulties or other complications along with their carers, and costs just £2.50 to get in.