A not so colossal Lego model of... Colossus

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The National Museum of Computing has a new item on display, although this one varies from the norm somewhat – it is made of Lego.

The toy model of Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, doesn’t have the clever capabilities of the original, but it is proving quite the popular attraction during the Summer Bytes Festival held at the museum, at Bletchley Park.

James Pegrum, a building surveyor and father of two, built the model.

He said: “As a child I grew up with Lego as one of my many toys, but even when I became bored with the others, my love of Lego remained.

“I enjoy making models based on British history and the inspiration to build a Lego Colossus grew from that.

“The bedstead with the tape reader immediately caught my eye. I can see that the Lego model has the advantage of being cheaper to build and cooler to run although I think it would struggle to perform the amazing feats of Tommy Flowers’ original machine,” joked Phil Hayes, Colossus rebuild chief engineer.

For details of the Summer Bytes Festival, visit www.tnmoc.org