A step back in time

You are invited to step back in time this weekend, and there’s no better place than at MK Museum.

The history house will be hosting one thousand years of history in just two days.

Encampments will demonstrate how folks lived, worked and entertained themselves in ye olde days – from the Saxons and Vikings to the early Medieval, and on into the bloody battles of the English Civil War.

The decidedly hands on event will give visitors the opportunity to make medieval coins, fire guns similar to those used in past conflicts, and get up close and personal to that which came before us.

Milton Keynes, as we now know it, played its part in the end of the War of the Roses, and renactors will bring an authenticity to the proceedings when they get to work!

Recent history gets a look-in too – how about a living 1940’sliving tableau courtesy of MK’s own Harry and Edna?

Admission to the event is remarkably great value – a family ticket costs £22, admitting two adults and up to four children.

“The festival is a fantastic event for all ages but now we can also say it is a taster of what is to come when our expansion is complete in 2018,” said musuem director Bill Griffiths.

“This area has played a significant role throughout many eras of history and we are looking forward to telling those stories in really exciting ways.”

The museum will be open between 11am and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, and really is worth a visit.

If you’ve been before, you’ll know that much.

If you are a newbie, take our word and go amuse yourselves.

For more details visit www.mkmuseum.org.uk

> The gloriously glamorous, impressive Gin Fizz brand returns this weekend.

The intoxicating mix of London’s best entertainment is delivered close to home, and comes with added pizzazz – expect the decadent, the daring and the delightful.

Step back to a time and a place when frankly, things were a whole load more buzzy.

From 1920’s Speakeasy parties to World War II ‘Spitfire’ bunker clubs and 1950’s Jump Joints, you’ve got to admitthese events make an exciting change from the usual ‘floor filling dance tracks and 2-4-1 deals at the bar.

We can’t divulge where Saturday’s session is being held, because the location of the Spitfire party is a secret, and the bash is all sold out.

But we can tell you to prepare for a vibrant, titillating time of it on the web!

From 10.45pm a live 15 minute feed will run on the Gin Fizz Facebook page:

Click to http://on.fb.me/1An1iVG or search for Gin Fizz and experience the VE celebrations in real time, direct from a secret bunker.