A team effort gets Red Bull to third consecutive F1 clean sweep

Mechanics celebrate Sebastian Vettel's title win on Sunday
Mechanics celebrate Sebastian Vettel's title win on Sunday

EVEN the postman and the cleaning lady will be getting a well-earned bonus from Formula 1 world champions Red Bull.

For the third year in a row, the Tilbrook-based team were crowned constructor’s champions while Sebastian Vettel collected his third world driver’s championship in dramatic circumstances on Sunday.

And the team will pay tribute to each and every member of Red Bull Racing staff at the factory in Milton Keynes with a championship bonus ahead of Christmas.

World champion Vettel said: “The idea is clear. It’s not uncommon based on success to have a bonus and it’s absolutely right. There’s a lot of circumstances and things outside of our control, like the people working here, to the people crashing into you in a race. You need to look at the bigger picture, we’re all working towards the same goal.

“They are all part of the team. Very quickly, these sort of people get forgotten. At the track, you can see the mechanics and engineers, but there are so many more people. There are people in catering so that we have enough energy to drive these cars. As stupid as it may sound, these people play such a great part in our success.”

Team Principal Christian Horner also paid tribute to the staff in Milton Keynes, saying this year was the hardest they’ve ever worked to win the championship.

“They’ve always worked hard, but this year has been by far our toughest challenge, both for drivers and constructors,” he said. “We’ve had to fight to get back into both titles and that is what is more satisfying. But you see the personal sacrifices that people make, both away from home and from their families, particularly here in Milton Keynes, is just remarkable.

“The reason this team is so successful is because of that spirit. We work as one unit, and there are so many heroic stories of people going beyond what they’re asked of to deliver and to get components onto the car, to hit all of the targets.

“What you see on a Sunday afternoon is a very small percentage of that team. A triple world championship would not have been imaginable without the dedication of the staff here.”

Mark Webber, who finished sixth overall in the driver’s standings, said he is reminded of the hard work the team put in every time he leads a Grand Prix.

He said: “You really think about it when you have some success, when you’re leading on that last lap. You don’t think about it when the car stops though!

“You think of the effort that goes into getting that car into a place to win a Grand Prix. That’s when it really hits home. You just know how relentlessly they work.”

Webber was a part of the team in its previous guise, Jaguar, in 2003 and 2004, before returning to Tilbrook in 2007 under the Red Bull Racing banner. But even before then, the team was known as Stewart Grand Prix, led by Sir Jackie Stewart, and he had some kind words for Horner upon his return to the UK.

“I spoke with Jackie Stewart last night and he was keen to offer his congratulations. He started Stewart GP in 1996 and there are one or two members still here now. It’s unrecognisable now, but he was delighted to see what the team has gone on to achieve.

“And he was keen to remind Sebastian that he also won three titles, but did it in 99 races not 101!”