A tribute to a Fallen Soldier

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THE girlfriend of murdered schoolboy Adil Basharat has collaborated with some of his close friends to produce a song to raise money for a bench in his honour.

Nisha Patel has worked with Zain Hussain, Nadir Kahn and Dahnish Hussain to create Fallen Soldier, which will be sold for £2.

Wristbands will also be sold for £1 each.

Nisha said: “The main aim of selling the CD is to raise as much money as possible to put towards the bench we are looking to get in Deanshanger, where the attack happened.

“We will also look to put some money towards the campaign that we are supporting against knife crime.”

“For me the main idea of all of this is to spread the word that violence and crime is no way to deal with things and to show how catastrophic things can be when what may have been an effort to beat someone up turns into something a lot more serious.

“More than ever when it is a case of mistaken identity, as it is here.”

Adil, 16, was stabbed to death last month. Four men – Daniel Anderson, Jake Batten, Freddie Wilson and Adam Moore – have been charged with his murder.