A very rural road traffic accident...

The scene after the crash at the Green Man
The scene after the crash at the Green Man
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DRIVING lessons needed!

This team of four horses demonstrated how not to drive when a carriage when they collided with a village pub sign last Friday evening (Friday, MAy 25).

The carriage, belonging to The Devil’s Horsemen, demolished the sign at The Green Man in Mursley.

Ironically the pub is due to host the weekend’s Diamond Jubilee events – starring The Devil’s Horsemen.

One witness, posting on the village website www.mursley.net, described the aftermath of the incident.

Garry Lee-Sumvill posted: ‘...A story I would add which is entirely in keeping with Mursley’s sobriquet of ‘The Class in the Grass’ or ‘Fiefdom in the Fields’.

‘Put simply the sign and post had been knocked down. Not by a lorry however, or car, or tractor, or truck and trailer or any other such mechanical connivance.

‘The incident occurred in a manner which was entirely in keeping with the natural ambience of the village. It could hardly have been anything so vulgar as a 20th Century creation.

‘No dear reader our pub sign was knocked down by a coach and horses which must rank as the most elegant of road traffic accidents in Buckinghamshire.

‘I think this collision of grandeur should be source of great pride to us all’.