A walk on the scary side

Winter's Bone
Winter's Bone

THE Open Film season is a great way to catch off-kilter movies, and seek out genuine little gems.

On Wednesday, the American delivery Winter’s Bone shows.

Ree Dolly is 17 years old and living on the edge, caring for her mentally ill mother and younger siblings in the Ozark Mountains.

Her mostly absent father makes crystal meth and is their only source of income.

But when he skips bail having put up the house as security, Ree needs to find him before the family lose their home.

More difficulties lie ahead, as she tangles in her troubled father’s world...

As is usual, there are two chances to settle back and get absorbed in the script – at 6.15 or 8.45pm.

The 2010 American delivery clocks in at one hour and forty minutes.

Tickets are £5 for guests, or splash £20 on an associate membership, which allows access to five films.

Visit www.openfilmsociety.co.uk or call MK 654924 for more details.