A428 closed due to flooding

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THE A428 between Bedford and Northampton at the Turvey River Bridge has been closed due to flooding.

Diversions are in place in the area.

Heavy rainfall at the end of last week and throughout the weekend has seen a number of flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency.

A number of residents living in properties in Bridge Street, Church Street, Clay Pit Lane, Wagstaff Way and Pebody Place in Olney were placed under flood warnings as were those living in Midland Road and Carey Way.

In Newport Pagnell people living in areas around the Rivers Estate as well as Riverside, Silver Street, Tongwell Lane and Lovat Caravan Park to the east of the Ouzel and along the River Great Ouse near to North Bridge and Woad Farm were also placed under flood warning.

This classification means people need to take immediate action as flooding is expected.