Abscess went unrecognised by doctors in Eddie’s death

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A DAUGHTER had paid tribute to her father who died at her home in Woburn Sands just hours after leaving hospital.

Albert Gabriel, known to his friends and family as Eddie, appeared normal after having a stent placed in his common bile duct. He was discharged from hospital on August 6 2010, but died of septecemia just hours later.

He had been in Milton Keynes General hospital for seven weeks prior to his release.

During his autopsy, doctors found a large abscess around his pancreas.

His daughter, Jackie Horne, said she was horrified to find her father dead, and couldn’t understand why he died a day after his release.

She said: “When he left hospital, he was fine. We had fish and chips for dinner and he went to bed. I think he just wanted to go home and be with his family again.

“He was always in good health. He always had regular check-ups before he went away on holiday with us, and hardly went to the doctors with anything major.

“We are thankful for the support we’ve had during this time.”

Deputy coronor Tom Osbourne gave a narrative verdict, and linked the 88-year-old’s death to the stent he had placed just days earlier.

He said: “Albert Edward Gabriel died from septicemia due to a large abscess around the pancreas following the placement of a stent in the common bile duct that because observations during the period prior to his discharge were normal went unrecognised and untreated.”