Access to GPs: ‘We are fighting for the resources we need in Milton Keynes’


City councillors say improving access to GPs is a top priority as they fight for extra funding from government.

The Labour group are joining forces with the Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group to apply for funding from the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund

Councillor Nigel Long, cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing and chair of MK Health and Wellbeing board said he was delighted to support the Challenge Fund bid.

He said: “These bids are about ensuring better co-ordination for residents between GPs, health and social care services.

“It is a big challenge but will help bring services closers to the community level where they can help more patients.

“The government has really squeezed the NHS in recent years putting extra pressure on GP provision in many parts of Milton Keynes.

“But despite the national pressure on the NHS, we are fighting for the resources we need in Milton Keynes.”

The Challenge Fund which was first started in 2013 and has recently been doubled from £50million to £100million.

In light of the bid, city MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart have given their full support to MK’s GPs and the Urgent Care Service.

Mark Lancaster MP for Milton Keynes North said: “We have had some successes over the past few months with our local health care.

“Firstly the £2.9m for the Hospital’s A&E and only a few weeks ago the news that our NHS will receive the third biggest increase in the UK in this year’s budget.”

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart added: “Patient access to Milton Keynes’ health provisions has been and continues to be one of our top priorities.”