Adil defendant claims to know nothing of prior attack plans

collects of 16-year-old adil basharat who was murdered by by 4 men in deanshanger, northants
collects of 16-year-old adil basharat who was murdered by by 4 men in deanshanger, northants

A DEFENDANT accused of murdering Adil Basharat outside his school gates has claimed he knew nothing of a prior plan to attack him.

Adil Basharat, 16, was attacked outside the gates of Kingsbrook School in Deanshanger on November 19, in a case of mistaken identity.

Adam Moore, Freddy Wilson and Daniel Anderson, all 20, and Jake Batten, 22, deny murdering Adil, who died two days after the attack which resulted in a fatal stab wound to his pelvis with the broken shaft of a golf club. They also deny a charge of violent disorder.

Moore, who admits inflicting the fatal injury with the golf club but denies he intended serious harm, and Billy Billingham, 19, deny conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm. The prosecution alleges Adil was attacked as revenge for a robbery in which Billingham had about £200 of cocaine stolen in Wolverton by two named men, one who had the same first name as Adil.

Giving evidence yesterday, Batten told the jury he was called by Wilson to meet near the school, but claimed he did not know the reason why.

Asked why he did not question “the urgency” of the call, he said: “He’s my friend, I wasn’t going to interrogate him about why he wanted to meet. It’s 30 seconds from my front door, I would have found out when I got there. I didn’t know why I was going there.”

Andrew Jefferies QC, for Batten, asked if any of the four defendants had anticipated any violence and whether they intended to seriously harm Adil.

Batten said: “If Adam (Moore) was going to cause really serious harm, he would have just walked up to him (Adil) and done it. There would have been no pause.”

Batten, of Deanshanger, denied taking along any weapons and claimed he acted as peacemaker when violence erupted.

Benjamin Aina QC, prosecuting, said he “must have known there was to be a violent confrontation”, and was armed with a screwdriver and metal bar.

The trial continues.