Adoption agency installs projector to aid children’s therapy sessions

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A voluntary adoption agency is offering a customised environment for children attending therapy sessions, thanks to the creativity and generosity of its IT support company.

Adoptionplus specialises in finding families for older, harder to place children with complex needs.

The not-for-profit agency has an extensive therapeutic team, headed up by a consultant clinical child psychologist.

They work with children and adoptive families, foster carers and local authorities which require specialist therapeutic intervention.

This week, staff at the Adoptionplus offices in Moulsoe launch a new form of therapy for adopted children, of particular benefit to those who have experienced abuse.

Prior to this launch, staff identified a need to create a more intimate and comfortable space to help vulnerable youngsters feel safe.

Joanne Alper, service director at Adoptionplus, said: “Our offices are in a barn conversion so we have a big therapy room which is brilliant for sessions with all the family.

“But we were finding it difficult to make it cosy for individual therapy sessions with children. We needed to have the flexibility to create a smaller, cosier space where children will feel safe to talk.

“I happened to mention it to someone from our IT support company, DWM Technical Solutions, and they came up with a wonderful idea.”

The private company suggested using a projector with a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall screen to divide the room up and allow children to choose the image projected on the wall using an iPad.

Joanne added: “This was such a wonderful solution, offering the children the chance to have some control over their environment and to personalise their therapy. Unfortunately, as a not-for-profit agency we could’t afford it but DWM Technical Solutions donated the projector and screen and installed it all for free.

“So, the children will now be able to have their therapy wherever they would like – at the beach, in space, under the sea, on the moon, or anywhere they feel safe.”