Advert launched to save time in hospital

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A HARD hitting advert is set to hit TV screens urging people to think about how they use the health service.

In the ad, launched by NHS Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire, a series of patients with more minor problems have been to Accident and Emergency (A&E).

The ad ends with a shocking final reveal which shows the potential consequences of too many people with minor problems attending A&E or calling ambulances.

The advert will only be shown after the 9pm watershed, though it will also be available via social media networks YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The advert is also available to watch by clicking this link

National research shows that 40 per cent of people that attend A&E do not need to be there, and could be seen more appropriately elsewhere.

A further survey will be carried out at Milton Keynes Hospital Foundation Trust to establish why so many people are using A&E and if there are any patterns emerging.

Heidi King, Head of Social Marketing for NHS Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire, said: “The purpose of the advert is to challenge people’s behaviour and open up the debate with local people on the use of A&E.

“The new survey confirms to us that we still have more work to do on educating people on the use of alternative services.”

Dr Nicola Smith, GP lead for Urgent Care for Milton Keynes, said: “Every winter our emergency services come under a lot of pressure and this year is no exception.

“Because there have been consistently such high levels of demand we decided we should use a more hard-hitting approach in terms of the Choose Well campaign.

“The TV advert is designed to make people sit up and take notice, and think very carefully about how they use emergency health services. Ask yourself – would you know where to get the right care at the right time?”