African spirit made me a noisy neighbour

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A MAN convicted of playing incessant loud music, screaming and whistling claimed he was possessed by an ancestral African spirit.

Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court heard how asylum seeker, Godfrey Chipanga, had five separate complaints upheld by the council’s environmental health team regarding his flat in Felbridge, Kents Hill in June and July last year – including one from someone who was living in the next street.

On June 6 an environmental health officer served him with a noise abatement order, which he failed to comply with, before further complaints were received.

Council workers said they felt scared and intimidated by Chipanga and on one occasion he even slammed the door in an officer’s face.

The problems continued at the flat and on July 4 his stereo equipment was seized.

His wife was interviewed and she revealed how she thought he had a drink problem, but had refused to get help.

Cabinet Member responsible for Environment, Councillor Mike Galloway, said: “Noisy neighbours make life hell for those people living around them, and we will continue to prosecute people who behave with such a lack of consideration, however difficult they make it to do so.”

The latest case was due for a court trial on Tuesday, January 19 but Chipanga failed to turn up at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court with his defence citing that he now lived in Derby and could not afford the train fare to Milton Keynes. In his absence he was fined £50 and ordered to pay £200 prosecution costs – because of his low income.

His offence, which fell under section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, was categorised as Failure to comply with the requirements of an Environmental Protection Act 1990 section 80 ‘Abatement Notice in respect of Statutory Nuisance’.

The couple’s landlords, Guinness Housing Association, have also had a word with the pair, who have now signed an Acceptable Behaviour contract.