Agencies work together to crack down on illegal stores

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Officers from different agencies conducted a joint operation across the city by visiting shops and stores yesterday to make sure they operate in accordance with the law.

Operation Darkle 2 involved officers from Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes Trading Standards and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs who were all out to strengthen their links with the business community.

During their visit, among other things, officers passed information to retailers regarding trading and tax legislation.

Detective Constable Wendy Cissell from Milton Keynes police station said: “The retailers are all very supportive of the operation as we already have a close working relationship with them.

“Retailers will continue to check all personal details of persons offering gold for sale and will now be scanning the jewellery to establish if it is forensically marked.

“We hope that this will continue to have an impact on those who try to sell stolen jewellery and enable to police to recover stolen property.”