Air sterilising system that kills Covid is developed by Milton Keynes company

Company is helping keep local venues germ free

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 3:52 pm

A tiny wall-mounted unit developed by MK company Mechline is helping many local pubs and restaurants keep Covid secure following the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

The Brinklow-based firm design and manufacture a unit known as HyGenikx, an air and surface sanitisation system that is capable of eradicating coronaviruses.

As an added bonus, it can extend the shelf-life of fresh food by as much as 150% longer, says Mechline.

The unit kills Covid germs

Joe Decaro from the Cowpers Oak in Weston Underwood, near Olney, is one of the licensees using the system.

“The best thing about HyGenikx is that unlike fogging systems that require us to clear the restaurant," he said. "HyGenikx sits on the wall and keeps everybody safe, without getting in the way of service or opening times.”

Peter Galliford, commercial Director of Mechline, said: “The hospitality industry has been one of the worst hit sectors during the coronavirus pandemic, and to be able to play just a small part in helping venues and operators

come out the other side is quite humbling."

The HyGenikx unit

As well as gaining traction locally, HyGenikx has also generated demand nationally and internationally, as operators look for ways in which to protect both their staff and customers.

The system utilises a combination of the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available to produce Superoxide Ions and PlasmaQuatro, which are proven to eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).