Alan celebrates after milking it for 40 years

Alan Pearce celebrates 40 years as a milkman
Alan Pearce celebrates 40 years as a milkman

An OAP milkman has proved he is the cream of the crop after working for 40 years without a single day off sick.

Smiling Alan Pearce rises at 2am every day to battle through even the most extreme weather conditions in his old-fashioned electric milk float.

“Rain, snow, hail and ice don’t affect him at all. If ever Alan said the weather was too bad for him to do his round I think we’d all die of shock!” said his boss Anthony Taylor.

Bletchley based Taylor’s Dairies was founded in 1956 by former mayor and popular councillor David Taylor, who interviewed Alan for the job four decades ago.

Said Anthony: “Ironically my dad’s initial thought was that Alan wouldn’t last long in the job. We still joke about that with Alan today.”

Now 67, the veteran worker has no plans to milk the retirement system.

“He’s never even had a day off sick. He just can’t imagine not working,” said Anthony.

Though the dairy industry has changed over the years as supermarket milk prices have plummeted, Taylor’s still have a loyal army of 5,000 households.

Alan’s round in Bletchley covers 500 customers, many of whom know him by name.

This month, however, the families will face a week without their favourite milkie.

For to celebrate Alan’s 40th work anniversary on January 26, Tailor’s Dairies are paying for a luxury holiday for him and his wife.

“It’s the least we can do after all he has done for us,” said Anthony.