Alan Dee’s movie preview: Strictly speaking, Cuban Fury is a cha-cha-charmer

Here’s the pitch – lardy Nick Frost, Simon Pegg’s oppo in Hot Fuzz and the rest, as a twinkle-toed salsa dancer?

Add in current queen of all she surveys Olivia Coleman and you’ve got the recipe for a feelgood Brit hit of reduced budget, clear if limited aspiration and plenty to make you smile.

Cuban Fury

Cuban Fury

Cuban Fury gives us Nick as a former dance prodigy gone to seed but getting back in the game to capture the new love of his life.

Coleman is his sister, Chris O’Dowd his love rival and the likes of Ian McShane and Rory Kinnear also crop up in a very predictable but harmlessly enjoyable rom com that should be a hit with the Strictly set.

There’s been a film called She, now there’s a film called Her, in which lonely Joaquin Phoenix falls for his computer’s advanced operating system – well, it does a very good job of looking like Scarlett Johansson. Sounds weird? It comes from Spike Jonze, who made his name with Being John Malkovich and is renowned for matching top talent with left-field ideas. One that will get you talking, if not an obvious date movie.

Global marketing opportunities ahoy – the title of The Lego Movie tells you all you need to know. Lots of top voice talent has been harnessed to bring life to this computer animated adventure from the creators of quirky hit Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Only to be watched if accompanying small children, but you could do a lot worse.

George Clooney leads an all-star cast in The Monuments Men, another of those American wartime dramas based on a true story which casually rewrites history to remove the bulk of the British involvement.

Yes, there was a team of soldiers and art experts tasked with rescuing art looted by the Nazis as the Allies advanced across Europe.

It’s a glossy, well-packaged adventure which is perfectly acceptable if you view it as fiction, not fact.