Alex’s celebrity smile to shine across the nation

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The girl without a smile is beaming with delight after a story in the Citizen not only brought her new teeth - but new-found celebrity status.

Pretty Alex Kerr revealed last week how her six front teeth were knocked out in a near-fatal road accident that plunged her into a coma for a week.

After a ten week stay in hospital the 20-year-old sales rep was sent home, minus teeth, and told by the NHS she would probably have to pay up to £12,000 for dental implants.

Too embarrassed to leave her house, and unable to eat or speak properly, Alex came to the Citizen for help.

We contacted Brooklands Dental Clinic at Broughton, where founder Dr Wynand de Jager and his specialist Dr Hennie van Jaarsveld offered to fit thousands of pounds worth of implants for free.

Within hours of Alex’s story appearing in the Citizen she was being contacted by national media. Her story has appeared in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and Metro, as well as news websites all over the world.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) she will appear on ITV’s Daybreak show, after being collected by a driver and put up in a hotel near the studios overnight.

“I’m not only getting a celebrity smile from Brooklands, but I feel like a real celebrity now!” she said.

Meanwhile Alex is looking forward to visiting Brooklands on Friday, when she will be fitted with a partial denture to tide her over until the implants are made.

Jon Won from Bridge Rite Oral Design Ceramics has offered to make the temporary denture for a discount price while

Andre von Backstrom of Sedation Solutions has also offered private IV sedation at Brooklands for Alex during the lengthy treatment.