Aliens will take the fat ones first: Offensive, or just a joke?

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A city gym has caused offence with its tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign suggesting the world is set for an alien invasion – and they will ‘take the fat ones first’.

The Fit4less gym in the Theatre District is encouraging people to ‘save yourself’ by becoming a member of the gym and lose weight to avoid an unwelcome visit from the visitors.

Fit4less is part of the Milton Keynes-based énergie group, but no one from the company was available to comment on the complaints when asked.

However, readers have been in touch to voice their criticism of the advertising campaign, even if it is meant as a joke.

One woman said: “Some colleagues of mine are pretty offended by it.

“If they had targeted any other groups of people there would be an outrage, this should not be any different. It is deeply offensive too

“These gyms should not be about fatness, race, colour, sexuality or disability. It is supposed to be about fitness for ALL people.

“As you can tell I feel quite strongly about this having been on a weight loss and fitness campaign myself this year.

“This sign will most certainly NOT entice larger people to join their gym, quite the opposite.”

Just a joke, or offensive to people who are overweight? What do you think? Email

The company later issued a statement saying: “Fit4less is a fun and slightly cheeky brand and we like to engage with our customers through creative and thought provoking marketing.

“Some of our campaigns push new boundaries with a desired effect to generate a reaction. We don’t ever mean to cause offense but simply improve people’s health and well being.”