All change for Bletchley and Milton Keynes Army Reserve

Members of 7 Rifles
Members of 7 Rifles

Today will see the end of an era when local members of the army reserves will see changes to their names, roles and cap badges.

In Bletchley at 9.30am today, Army Reserve members of 1 Signal Squadron will mark their re-role to become members of 63 Military Intelligence Coy, and celebrate the return of Intelligence Bletchley.

There will be a parade at the newly renamed Army Reserve Centre in Water Eaton Road, and a formal cap badge and beret presentation to all the reserves on parade.

Their new role will be to collect, analyse, and interpret information from in and outside the battle space in order to provide intelligence to defence forces.

At 2pm, Army Reserves from 7Rifles will parade at John Howard Army Reserve Centre, Blakelands, in Milton Keynes, to mark their re-role from Infantry soldiers to become 678 Squadron Army Air Corps, and will be presented with their new blue berets and cap badges. Army Air Corps Reserves of 678 Squadron will be trained to re-arm and re-fuel the army’s attack helicopter the Apache.