All the fun of the fairground

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CHILDREN at Oxley Park Academy had a chance to play in a different way when a fairground visited their playground.

The staff and children were celebrating their first anniversary of having academy status and also their success in being awarded Outstanding School Team of the Year in the East in the 2012 Teaching Awards.

Despite the weather being drab the mood was a lot better as children and teachers were in high spirits after their wonderful achievements.

Children enjoyed a number of rides including the swing boats, the chair-o-plane, the mini wheel and the gnome ride – and most of the children went back to ride them again a number of times

There were also a number of food and drink stalls selling snacks for people to enjoy.

The visit also served as an opportunity for children to learn as they were taught about the fairground and the mechanisms of movement.

Parents and their families also had the chance to join in the fun with the children after school as the rides stayed open until 6pm.

Pupils had the chance to use some of the skills they had learned by selling hot dogs, popcorn and drinks as part of their enterprise projects.

Cathy Higgins, Academy Principal, said: “The fairground visit has been the perfect way to thank everyone for working together to give our children the best education we can, and to celebrate the end of another fabulous year.”