Alleged paedophile fighting extradition from Milton Keynes to the USA


An alleged child rapist will have his extradition hearing heard at the High Court in the next few months.

Dr Tobias Bowen is accused in New York state of raping a child, but he says his human right to liberty would be violated if he was put on a plane to face American justice.

He denies the accusation, but the US authorities argue the 48-year-old medic, now settled with his family in Milton Keynes, is a fugitive from justice who jumped $10,000 bail.

Magistrates in London blocked Dr Bowen’s extradition last month because, under New York laws, he could face indefinite detention in a secure treatment facility if convicted.

His lawyers successfully argued that this would breach his right to liberty, enshrined in Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The US authorities are challenging the decision at London’s High Court.

According the US government, Dr Bowen, who ran a public hospital in his native Liberia, fled New York for Africa four years ago.

He was on bail and facing two charges of raping a child at the time.

US marshalls tracked him around the globe and he was detained at Heathrow whilst visiting Britain in April last year.

New York, along with some other US states, enforces a tough regime whereby “dangerous” sex offenders can be detained for treatment without limit of time.

Such detention begins after conventional prison sentences have been served; Dr Bowen’s lawyers say that would not be acceptable in Europe.

The US government’s challenge to the magistrates’ decision is expected to be heard at the High Court in May.