Allergic toddler inspires mum to become a nurse

Amirah Azarah
Amirah Azarah

A three-year-old with severe eczema casued by food allergies has inspired her mum to become a nurse to help diagnose children suffering.

Amirah Azhar is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cats, rabbits and other small animals as well as being fructose intolerant.

Mum Kerry says she was desperate for help when Amirah regulary collapsed in her food and flared up in a violent red rash all over her body.

She said: “It was a terrible time. Eczema was costing us everything – finances, emotions, relationships, friends – it nearly lost my partner his job too.”

But a fluke meeting with who Kerry calls her ‘allergy angels’ from the Royal Free Hospital saved her daughter by giving life-changing care.

Now Kerry wants better allergy care in the city and is now studying at MK College, with dreams of becoming a paediatric nurse.

She said: “Allergy changed my life for good and for bad. I’m so determined to make sure no one goes through what we did ever again.

“Allergic disease is on the rise.

“Inadequate allergy care provision is hugely detrimental to the allergic individual who suffers perhaps unnecessarily and also the carer who feels unheard.

“Although there are initial costs if you get the right allergy services at MK Hospital it will save money in the long term. Individuals with allergy deserve better care.”

A MK Hospital spokesman said depending on the severity of symptoms, a family GP or a clinician at the hospital may decide to refer a patient to a specialist centre.

He said: “We offer allergy testing, treatment and management to children under 12 through general paediatric outpatient clinics. Children over 12 are cared for in the hospital’s dermatology unit.”