Allotment owner ‘loses the plot’ after being turfed out

Paul Burton at his plot owned by the Stoke Road Allotment Association
Paul Burton at his plot owned by the Stoke Road Allotment Association

A pensioner has been turfed off the allotment he has rented for 25 years – after being told it is UNTIDY.

Paul Burton was given two weeks’ notice on January 3 to vacate his plot at the Stoke Road allotments in Bletchley.

“I am so upset,” said the retired Network Rail supervisor from the Lakes Estate.

“We had the wettest December on record – sometimes digging just wasn’t possible.

“They have already changed the code on the allotment site after throwing me out on Sunday. I’m resigned to the fact that I’ve lost my plot.”

Mr Burton, 70, used the allotment to grow runner beans, swedes, carrots and potatoes, while taking time out to relax and enjoy his 12 pole-size plot. But on Sunday he moved out for good.

This week Lisa Cameron, secretary of the Stoke Road Allotment Association told the Citizen that Mr Burton’s plot was a “hazard to wildlife”.

All residents renting plots have to adhere to the same rules – and the association will not be bullied, she said defiantly.

Mrs Cameron added: “He has been warned about this for months but rather than work his plot, Mr Burton has spent all his energy fighting against the committee instead of working with us.

“I am aware he feels victimised, but I have had to issue 20 per cent of our plot holders with letters. All bar Mr Burton have actioned the requests.

“Mr Burton is clutching at straws – we are not going to back down.”