Amazing couple who have been '˜mum and dad' to 200 children in Milton Keynes decide their family is complete

A remarkable couple who have been foster mum and dad to more than 200 children are finally retiring after 48 years.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 3:11 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:52 pm
Marguerita and Albert receiving a gift

Marguerita and Albert Humphreys became foster carers by chance in 1970 when they had to be approved by social services to care for Marguerita’s younger siblings.

Afterwards Milton Keynes Council approached them to become foster carers and the big-hearted couple agreed.

Ever since there has been a steady stream of children arriving at their MK home in need of short or long-term care or help in emergency situations.

Many of these children are now adults and parents themselves, and Marguerita and Albert regularly volunteer to babysit their children.

The couple, who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, once took in seven siblings at once without batting an eyelid.

They also recall battling through treacherous snow conditions to collect a mother and baby in need.

All the youngsters were treated as if they were the Humphreys’ own children.

Marguerita said, “Albert and I have gained so many daughters and sons, we are proud of them all.”

This week the council organised a special presentation to thank the Humphreys (pictured centre) for their service.

Cabinet member for children Zoe Nolan said: “Marguerita and Albert’s commitment to caring for children and young people has not wavered over the entire 48 years they have worked with us and are passionate about the well-being and aspirations for our children in care. I encourage anyone who may be considering fostering take the step and get in touch.”

The council is seeking foster carers from a wide range of backgrounds and experience to match the individual needs of children and young people in Milton Keynes.

People can foster whether they are:

- Married, in a civil partnership or living together as a heterosexual or same sex couple

- Single, heterosexual, lesbian or gay

- A person with a disability, providing you are able to meet a child’s physical and emotional care

- Unemployed or employed

- Retired and have the energy and interest in caring for a child

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