‘Ambition for Milton cans’

Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes

Champions of the city met to bounce ideas around about what the future vision for Milton Keynes should look like by 2040.

At a conference held at The Open University on Monday, a partnership of organisations including the MK Community Foundation, MKCCM and The Parks Trust, met with members of the public to plot a plan.

It follows on from the MK2020 vision which predicted Milton Keynes would have a booming population, an affordable and reliable transport system and a football team that plays in the European Premier League.

Julia Upton, chief executive of MK Community Foundation, said: “Milton Keynes prides itself on being innovative and ahead of the curve.

“We need to ensure we continue this by gearing up the whole community to get involved in creating a future vision.

“Milton Keynes is 50 years old in 2017. It can’t lose its way. It must keep having a ‘can do’ attitude, as opposed to ‘can’t’.

“The next step is to continue the discussion and collect people’s ideas.

“We will be emailing out surveys so everyone can have their say.

“It is time to reflect, listen to others and redefine where this great city of ours is heading.”