An extra 2,000 parking spaces planned for Central Milton Keynes

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141124-091558001

A widespread call for improved parking has set the wheels in motion for an extra 2,000 spaces in Central Milton Keynes.

It will be funded from increased parking charges to both premium and standard rates, which will help pay for the transport improvements.

Today’s announcement is part of the budget proposals for 2015/2016. The proposal is the first part of an ongoing strategic parking review due to report in full during summer 2015.

Cllr Mick Legg, cabinet member responsible for transport, said: “We have listened to the public’s concerns about improving parking so we are taking immediate action to provide up to 2,000 extra spaces.

“This is all part of our ongoing strategic review into parking to deliver fairer deal for all Milton Keynes residents today and in the future.”

It has been suggested the councill will introduce more flexible barrier parking to some car parks so people can pay for their parking when they leave, rather than up front.

The parking review is also exploring how new technology might help motorists more easily find parking spaces in the future.

The main budget parking proposals include:

1) Review of all parking,

2) An increase in premium and standard rate parking to help fund transport improvements

3) Reduction in town centre employee discounts to help fund improvements.

4) Plan to add a further 2,000 parking spaces.

The public are being asked for their views about these budget proposals by the end of January.