An ink-credible show of tattoes comes to MK

Tattoo Convention at Kents Hill Training & Conference Centre
Tattoo Convention at Kents Hill Training & Conference Centre
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MILTON KEYNES went tattoo crazy over the weekend with hundreds of people queuing to have their bodies inked.

More than 80 top tattooists from all over the world were demonstrating their skills at a special tattoo convention at Kents Hill conference centre.

Eager Tattoo fans could choose from hundreds of body art designs, symbols or portraits. One lady even had a picture of her cat tattooed on her, said organiser Samantha Neptune from Broughton-based MK Inks.

“They were doing some amazing tattoos. It was a real opportunity for people to get something a little bit different,” she said.

An incredible 3,000 people came to the two day convention, which was designed to highlight the tattoo industry.

Some already had tattoos over most of their body and one man had an entire ‘bodysuit’ design.

Others came to get their first tattoo, said Samantha.

“The event was a huge success. We are very pleased,” she said.