Angels helped injured Alex

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AN injured soldier who completed the London Marathon against all odds is now determined to get his life back on track.

Alexander Laing suffered a traumatic brain injury 11 years ago when he was a trooper in the Army Air Corps.

He suffered paralysis, affecting his speech and co-ordination, poor motor skills, constant fatigue and damage to his frontal lobe.

“The frontal lobe damage was the worst. It meant I lost my inhibitions and did stupid things. It was like being permanently drunk,” said the 36-year-old, who spent months in hospital and rehabilitation centres.

“Afterwards I got into trouble of all sorts, I was even arrested twice. It was not a good time.”

Alexander, who lives on Bradville, joined Faith Dimensions church in Wolverton and said religion now keeps him on the straight and narrow.

“My faith gave me the inspiration to run the London Marathon.

“My preparations were pretty poor – I only started to run in November, missed and few weeks in December and was too ill to run the MK Half Marathon for the first time.”

But Alexander’s sheer determination meant that, despite his lack of training, he finished last month’s marathon in five hours and 24 minutes.

“It was difficult because I still suffer from fatigue because of my brain injury. But there was no way I was going to give up.”

He is giving his sponsorship money to Toybox, a charity for street children in Guatemala.

“I visited Guatemala when I was in the army and the plight of the children really affected me. It is a cause I want to help,” he explained.

But the biggest benefit of the marathon was to Alexander’s self esteem.

“Now I have done it I feel like God is telling me not to procrastinate any more and to do something with my life,” he said.

As a result Alexander is busy setting up his own gardening business and hopes to make it a success.

“I am overwhelmed with all that’s happened and believe that my angels were helping me.”

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