Angling round-up: April 26

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BRADWELL Lake’s carp are coming on feed, with the latest brace, including the 21-2 mirror, pictured below, caught in a session also yielding tench to 6-2.

Bailiff Geoff Arnold had fish of 21-2 and 14-6 plus three tench in a Thursday night spell – and is confident that bigger carp are there to be had.

At least two years back the (sadly) late Simon Wragg had a 24lb ‘ghostie’ from Bradwell, and Geoff – reporting through Willard’s – reckons that and another big one nudging the 30 mark, are currently cruising the pit.

Both are likely ‘left-overs’ from 17 years back when Linear had the water, but Geoff’s current fish are almost certain to have started out among several hundred fast-growing ‘Supa-carp’ first introduced by MKAA at the start of 2007.

They went in at between 1lb and 3lb... so reaching 20+ in five and a bit years is growth boding well for the future.

Geoff, who had five Brad’ll carp to 21-6 last year, had his latest on boilies fished at 50 or so yards.

‘Test fishing’ Caldecotte to see if the bream shoals have started feeding, Nigel Laurie (reporting through MK Angling Centre) had six tench to 7-8!

Beware: If you are rod licence dodger – or one of those crims illegally fishing rivers in the close season – the EA is having an extended local crackdown, and its full-time officers have already felt a number of collars... several of them around Caldecotte lake.

Ever careful with money, Roger Stratton (remember him?) ‘splashed out’ on some ultra-cheap-o £1.50 lures and then, trying the garish no-hopers on the Bletchley cut – banked a cracking 20lb pike and two 5s. What’s that old saying... about falling down a toilet and coming up smelling of roses?

Fishing in hailstorms and ‘fresh’ from a night shift, Trevor Price should have been right off form – but caught 129lb to win Alders’ Tuesday open, with Richard Brain 96lb and Dan Twine 95lb. Saturday’s match went to Gary Thorpe with 220lb, with Josh Blavins 129lb and Brain 121lb.

Osprey’s Rolfe’s lake, Oxon, match saw Ian Millin with 24lb of silvers in his 131lb, followed by Malcolm Doyle 127lb and Nick Chapman 113. Spare places in this week’s club carp pond do near Huntingdon – call 07796 757171 if interested.

Dave Martin won Towcester’s Bairstows open with four carp for 14-15. Terry Lancaster netted two for 8-3 and Dave Gibbins 5-3 of roach-bream hybrids.

Dats’ Navvi cut sweep saw Colin Chart with 10-8 of big skimmers on worm. Nigel Steele, 6-12 at the next peg, was the only other to weigh.

Mick Hefferon topped Linford’s ‘WIlderness’ cut do with 3-4 of bits as John Hough made 0-11. No one else weighed in.

Paul Neave topped MK Vets’ Deans Road canal do with 129 fish... for 3-2-12. Ernie Sattler had 2-1-8 and Dick Peerless 2lb.

Fixtures: Sunday, Manor Fields/Mill Road cut closed for match. Tuesdays, Alders ‘affordable’ opens call 07860 235655.

Catches or matches to report? Tell Trevor Johnson at or on 01908 270000.