Animal magic for Busy Bees at mobile zoo

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THE animal kingdom is full of fascinating creatures and Busy Bees tots are always keen to make more friends.

Fortunately, then, children at the Busy Bees Nursery in Oldbrook had lots of fun when they received a visit from the exciting mobile zoo, Zoo Lab.

Zoo Lab provides a number of different workshop presentations to cater for different age groups, goals and needs.

Perhaps most impressively, Zoo Lab offers the chance for youngsters to handle creatures great and small.

The Zoo Lab handlers brought in a variety of different creatures for the children to not only see, but feel too.

The tots enjoyed an exercise workshop called the ‘Wriggly Road Show’.

This fun session encouraged the eager youngsters to replicate the movements of some of the creepiest creatures they had seen.

The children were keen to show off their technique when it came to mimicking the full selection, including slimy snails, slithering snakes, scary spiders and ratty rodents. These active learning experiences allowed children and staff at the nursery to comfortably relate to the animals in the familiar and safe nursery environment.

Zoo Lab experts offer many gems of knowledge within their animal fact file.

These facts include the Latin terms for a variety of animals, including Rattus norvegicus (rat), Achatina fulica (Giant African Land Snail) and Grammostola rosea (Chilean Rose Tarantula).

Still, for the Busy Bees, it will probably be a while before their vocabulary can cope with those long-winded titles.

Nursery manager, Lorraine Harben, said: “The visit from Zoo Lab has helped the children to understand how to look after living things.

“From nice fluffy animals to creepy crawlies, the children were fascinated by them all.”

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