Animals pay a visit to city nursery

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The animals came by two by two to visit children at a city nursery.

Children and staff at Busy Bees Nursery in Oldbrook got the chance to get up close personal with different creatures ranging from Snails to Snakes.

The Zoo Lab that brought the critters in not only let the children and staff look at them but let them touch them as well.

The children also got the opportunity to do an exercise workshop called the “Wiggly Road Show” that involved them replicating movements from the creatures they had just seen before.

Lorraine Harben manager of the nursery said the children learnt plenty about the animals on the day.

She said: “The visit from Zoo Lab has helped the children to understand how to look after living things from nice fluffy animals to creepy crawlies, the children were fascinated by them all.”

Busy Bees Nursery has been around since 2007 in Milton Keynes is one of the most popular nurseries in the city.

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