Another healthcare u-turn: Health bosses say work will not be wasted

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Neither Milton Keynes 
Hospital, Bedford Hospital, nor the clinicial commissioning groups (CCG) which have been running the Healthcare 
Review were able to comment this week.

However, the chief 
executive of Luton Hospital, who is heading the new Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Sustainability and Transformation Plan, did speak.

Pauline Philip, said: “Clinicians, community leaders, patients, patient advocacy groups and many others across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes have worked tremendously hard over a long period of time in identifying and exploring ways in which we can strengthen local hospital services through the Healthcare Review.

“We don’t want to lose any of that hard work - in fact, we want to build on it.

“We are currently talking to all STP partners to ensure we get the right systems and structures in place.

“Importantly, this will 
involve patients and the 
public in helping us develop the right plans and the right models of care and services across the health and care system.”