ANPR checks more than 2,000 cars at MK1 shops


Police dealt with 84 alerts thrown up by their Automatic Number Plate Recognition devises at MK1 shopping centre on Saturday.

Bletchley Neighbourhood team along with partner agency Partners Against Crime (PAC) and officers from Milton Keynes Roads Policing scanned more than 2,000 cars at the popular centre by stadium:mk.

And police handed out three fines as a result of their findings: a £60 fine and three penalty points for one motorist with a bald tyre, one driver was driving a motor vehicle otherwise in accordance with a licence and received a £60 fine and three penalty points, and one vehicle was displaying incorrect number plates and was given a £30 fine.

PC David Clifford-Smith said “We will arrange operations like this to support our local stores and offer crime prevention advice to members of the public.”