Anyone for a metal Bee Gees? asks Sammy Jones

Over the years, Milton Keynes has seen its fair share of bizarre noise-bringers and naughty misbehaviour.

From reggae-based Elvis impersonators (Dread Zeppelin) to the sexually explicit Rock Bitch (plenty on parade, but sadly lacking in the music department) and Norwegian fella Mortiis and his prosthetic nose. Truly.

But the Keynes has never previously enjoyed the services of an all metal tribute to the Bee Gees – however that is going to change on Saturday night, with the arrival of Tragedy.

The Brooklyn-based rabble takes your favourite Bee Gees songs, along with some disco numbers and the occasional soft rock moment and reinvents them with a decidedly heavy metal edge.

According to those in the know, ‘...the result is aural may enter the Tragedy experience unaware of your latent appreciation for gooey soft rock or flamboyant metal, but you shall emerge forever humbled by the greatness of Tragedy, and covered in glitter.’

The gig advertisesthat Tragedy are ‘Manowar meets the Village People,’ and their press pic does little to dispel that vision.

But what a great vision it is, eh?

Imagine Staying Alive delivered with the snarl of Lemmy, or Jive Talking, presented in a Judas Priest style.

It’d fly from the shelves, quite possibly, and on Saturday it’ll pour from the PA at The Craufurd Arms when Tragedy make their debut in these parts.

Tickets are £7 in advance.

You should be dancing, and so you shall be with this lot hard at work for you.