Appeal for owners of badly injured cat

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A desperate appeal has gone out to find the owners of a badly injured cat after the pet was resceuedby a member of the public.

The cat was found in Heelands on Saturday with injuries believed to have been caused after its collar had become embedded in its shoulder. The cat was taken to a vet for treatment and its owners are now being sought before Friday, December 14, to save the animal from being put to sleep.

Janet Young, whose daughter helped look after the injured cat, said: “My neighbour asked my daughter for help with an injured cat, mistakenly believing it to be ours.

“The cat had tried to loosen herself from her collar, which had become stuck around her shoulder. It had rubbed and become embedded in the flesh under her armpit and had suppurated. The smell was awful.”

The cat is black, two to three year old, and has not been chipped. She was found in Smithergill Court, Heelands, but also seen in Summergill Court.

The vet she has been taken to is administering first aid treatment only and if her owners or a suitable animal charity have not been located before Friday she may be put to sleep.

Anyone who may know the owners can call Companion Care vets at Pets @ Home on 01908 309404.